Tuesday, December 10, 2013

P90x3 is HERE!

P90X3 is now available! Free shipping until 12/31. Order by 12/15 11:59 PM to guarantee delivery by 12/25. Also from 12/10/13 through 12/31/13 if you purchase through us you will receive a free P90X3 hat.

P90X3 is a 90 day program, split into 3 Blocks. Blocks 1 & 2 each consist of 4 weeks, while Block 3 lasts 5 weeks.

All P90X3 workouts are 30 minutes. The lone exception is the X3 Ab Ripper workout (15 minutes), included within the Deluxe Kit. Most workouts include a 2-3 minute cool down period.

P90X3 BASE KIT: http://www.fitcornernetwork.com/order-p90x3
P90X3 DELUXE KIT: http://www.fitcornernetwork.com/order-p90x3Deluxe
P90X3 ULTIMATE KIT: http://www.fitcornernetwork.com/order-p90x3Ultimate
P90X3 CHALLENGE PACK: http://www.fitcornernetwork.com/order-p90x3Challenge

P90X3 Base Kit Includes:
  • 16 unique and brand new workouts on 8 DVDs
  • Plus, 5 Free Gifts
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • 90 Day Workout Calendar
  • How to Accelerate Intro DVD
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Network Exclusive P90X One on One: On One Leg DVD
  • Network Exclusive Premium P90X3 Hat ($24.95 value) - December Only!
P90X3 Deluxe Kit
Includes everything in the Base Kit PLUS:
  • 3 Elite Extreme workouts on 1 DVD
  • Includes free Elite Block Calendar
  • 1-Month E&E Tub
  • 3 B-Lines Resistance Bands
P90X3 Ultimate Kit
Includes everything in the Base & Deluxe Kits PLUS:
  • 1-Month R&R Tub
  • Gym-Quality P90X® Chin-Up Bar
  • P90X® Chin-Up Max
  • Premium Beachbody Jump Mat
P90X3 Challenge Pack
Retail Price: $205 (December Promotional Price: $180)
  • P90X3 Base Kit
  • 30-Day Supply of Shakeology HD
  • 30-Day VIP Team Beachbody Club Membership

Monday, September 9, 2013

T25 Fast Track Week 1 and Meal Plan

My T25 Fast Track week wrapped up with me jotting down my calories burned for Alpha Cardio. I had already weighed myself that morning and the results were happily received. I've been doing P90 Phase 1-2 for the past couple of months and had stalled on my weight loss. So the 7.2 pounds I lost in only one week of T25 was awesome! Of course I was eating only 1100 calories a day (probably closer to 1300). This week I'll be eating upwards of 1600 calories a day.

The workouts are intense, very much like insanity with but less impactful on the joints. They also have a dedicated person in the workout videos that only does alternate moves. If you are out of shape the alternate moves will give you one hell of a workout. So don't worry if you can't follow Shaun T.

I burned on average 600 calories per workout (including the 2 to 3 minute cool downs). On a bad day I would burn 500 calories (which was today due to being dead tired).

I absolutely love this workout program! Only 25 minutes a day! P90, P90X, even Insanity, took more time than that! All great workouts, but now that I have my son I do not have nearly as much time to devout to pushing play every day.

T25 Meal Plan for the Fast Track week

All meals are in the T25 recipe booklets. Snacks were 100 to 200 calories and meals were 300 calories.

Breakfast: Almond Shakeology Smoothie or Strawberry Shakeology Smoothie.
Lunch: Foil Wrapped Chicken and Potato
Dinner: Chicken and Spinach Salad
Snacks: Trail Mix, Cracker with sliced ham/chicken and cheese, or grapes

T25 Calories Burned
Program Time
Average HR Peak HR Min. HR Calories Burned
9/2/2013 1 Alpha Cardio 27:56:00 159 186 77 573
9/3/2013 2 Alpha Speed 1.0 27:52:00 164 190 85 601
9/4/2013 3 Alpha: Total Body Circuit 28:44:00 174 197 102 682
9/5/2013 4 Alpha: Ab Intervals (forgot to start timer until 5 minutes into the workout) 23:59:00 162 193 122 508
9/6/2013 5 Alpha: Lower Focus 29:11:00 165 193 97 636
9/7/2013 6 Alpha Cardio 27:41:00 169 191 108 628

Friday, March 22, 2013

Shakeology Price Increase

The retail price of Chocolate and Greenberry Shakeology is going up $10.00 on April 1, 2013. If you sign up for Chocolate or Greenberry on Home Direct before April 1st, you are guaranteed to lock in the original $119.95 (plus s&h and applicable tax) price for life, so long as you do not cancel your original Chocolate or Greenberry Shakeology Home Direct order billed to your current credit card. You can cancel at any time by calling Customer Service to avoid future charges. Offer applies to Greenberry and Chocolate flavors only, and expressly excludes any other future Shakeology flavors, including any and all vegan formulas. Offer is non-transferable. Offer has no cash redemption value.

Free shipping only available by signing up for Home Direct, the monthly autoship program, and only available in the US excluding AK, HI, and US territories. With Home Direct, you'll automatically receive this item every 30 days, shipped directly to your door and billed to your credit card.

Why the increase? The costs of gas and shipping have skyrocketed. And the costs of whey and other key ingredients keep creeping upward. Beachbody didn't budge for years on the cost of Shakeology, but at the risk of charging for home direct or using cheaper ingredients, they are increasing the price.

So, lock in now while you can on Home Direct for the current price ($119.95) for life!

If you are a Beachbody club member you get 10% off every purchase and if you are a coach, 20% off! You can always sign up for a free account and decide later as well.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Customer Approved Chocolate Shakeology Is Here!

"Christmas comes early. You talked (sometimes shouted) and we listened! Starting this week we will start shipping a brand new Customer Approved Chocolate Shakeology." - Carl

That's right, they have improved on the formula! Several reviewers have said the new flavor is better than the original! :)

Read more at Fit Corner Network

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

P90X2 and Muscles in a tub

The P90X2 product page has been added to Fit Corner Network! Please take a look at P90X2 - Power 90X2 Extreme Training System

Should you be taking Creatine? Is it healthy or harmful? Read more at Muscles in a Tub: A Beachbody Creatine FAQ

Thursday, September 1, 2011

P90X2 is now available for Pre-order! Pre-order now or be left out!

The wait is over! P90X2 is now available for pre-order! P90X MC2 promises to be the most intense, effective, and rewarding workouts ever. But please note that there are only a LIMITED NUMBER of copies available before the Holidays. The initial copies are going to sell quickly. So if you are planning to start the new year with P90X2 and want it before Christmas, you'd better order now!

A lot of people will want to do this at the beginning of 2012 for the New Year. If you don't pre-order, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get it for 2012. The initial copies of P90X2 are going to sell out faster than lightning, so make sure to pre-order yours today!

Think about what you want for Christmas. By the time you start thinking about it in November, it may be too late and the inventory will be sold out.

Since it's not out for 4 months, you can start other programs, P90, P90X, etc. to get in shape for when your copy of P90X2 arrives.

When you pre-order P90X2 from me, you'll also get:
  • Two FREE bonus workout DVDs. That's two more extreme workouts with Tony you can use to get in tip-top shape.
  • FREE shipping and handling when you pre-order. (up to a $40 value)
  • An automatic sweepstakes entry to win exclusive P90X prizes. And the earlier you place your order, the more chances you'll have to win.
  • A shot to be featured in a future P90X2 infomercial!
When you're ready, stop by my Beachbody Web site at http://www.beachbodycoach.com/FitCorner and follow the P90X2 banner on the right. Or contact me directly and I'll walk you through the process-plus, answer any questions you might have. A P90X2 FAQ is also available on Fit Corner Network. For Tony's view read P90X2 is not P90X harder. It's P90X different.

What does the CEO have to say?

P90X is the most famous workout in the history of fitness. P90X is everywhere. And now, we have P90X2. "This is going to be the hottest workout for the Holidays.", says Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody.

"This is a completely new fitness program that is going to blow you away."

Let's get ready to bring it!

P90X2 is not P90X harder. It's P90X different.

Tony Horton has been discussing P90X2 and the following is a summary of what he said during a P90X2 Breakfast call.

Tony says that “P90X2 is not P90X harder. It’s P90X different.” P90X has been out for around 7 years now. They took a year before creating P90X to do research. They didn’t even think that P90X would sell! It was different than everything else out there. And they are at 3.5 million sold now. After feedback over the last 7 years from coaches and customers of P90X, the next level is not a cardio DVD, but interval workouts.

“Indoor training for the outside world.”

You’ll be able to run faster, jump higher, and improve your knee and hip joints. 

Like anything new, and especially extreme, it will initially be harder when starting. The only way to improve is by doing something close to impossible, in fact, Tony says that there is a push-up that is called The Impossible. “You do not get better by doing things that are easy.” But don’t let that scare you away, just like P90X, there is a modified version of every exercise. There is one person in every workout that is doing the modified version. It’s also designed for people that travel in that regard.

>>> Read more on  P90X2 is not P90X harder. It's P90X different. at Fit Corner Network. <<<

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

P90X2 FAQ and Pre-order information

P90X2 pre-order is tomorrow! See link below for a P90X2 FAQ. If you have additional questions, let me know.

P90X: Muscle Confusion 2 (P90X2) will be available for pre-order beginning September 1st 2011 for Beachbody Coaches and Teambeachbody members. It will be available for everyone else beginning on September 5th.

Please make sure you are a Teambeachbody member. You can sign up for a free account by clicking the link or click the banner below to purchase P90X2 and your account can be created during the checkout process.  Also, as a paid Teambeachbody member ($2.99 a month) you'll receive a 10% discount on the purchase of any Beachbody product. This pays for itself. However, you have the option of a free account.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Progress Update

I am on week 6 of P90X. I am only working out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (weight lifting days) as my Achilles Tendon is still picky about Plyo, Yoga, and Kenpo. Once this round of P90X is completed and I have regained my strength (4 months off due to injury), I'll add in the other activities. That, or P90X2 if it's released by the time I start the second round!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Are you unproductive and dead tired?

If you are dead tired, lethargic, have a lack of focus, or sleepy read my blog post for tips for when you are unproductive and dead tired at FitCornerNetwork.com


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