GNC sued due to ingredients in supplements

Back in Feburary, an investigation by the New York State attorney general’s office, tested store-brand herbal supplements at GNC, Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens. They tested 24 products and all but five contained unknown ingredients or a form of which was not related to the product. 

“Contamination, substitution and falsely labeling herbal products constitute deceptive business practices and, more importantly, present considerable health risks for consumers,” said the letters.

Currently, this week, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has filed a lawsuit against GNC due to substances called picamilon and BMPEA. Both of which are illegal in the US. Picamilon is a prescription drug which has been used to treat neurological conditions. And BMPEA has been banned for athletes, it's a amphetamine-like stimulant.
"It is scary to know that certain products sold by GNC contain an ingredient that is not even labeled -- let alone approved in the United States," Rosenblum said. "When Oregonians buy a dietary supplement, they deserve to know that the ingredients in the products are safe and comply with the law."
Apparently, Vitamin Shoppe, back in April, had to pull supplements off of shelves due to BMPEA as well.

Scary stuff! And just another example, an outbreak of hepatitis struck at least 72 people in 2013. This was across 16 states! And it was all due to a contaminated supplement. One woman died. Three others had to have liver transplants!

There are no guidelines, no regulations for the supplement industry. It's all up to the manufacturer. So who do you trust for your supplements?

If you are looking for products that are high quality, pharmaceutical grade, and follow FDA regulations (even though they are not required) check out ID Life. They have Vitamins, Pre and Post workout supplements, Weight loss supplements, Energy, Meal replacement drink, and even a Kid's line. Or you can read my ID Life review here.

Be Safe! Research what you are buying, read the ingredient labels.
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