Champion Barbell Revolving Multi-Exercise Bar - Product Review
The Champion Barbell Revolving Multi-Exercise Bar is awesome! I love this thing! I use it primarily for three exercises:

- Overhead tricep cable pushdowns (like this dude here).
- Standard tricep cable push-downs.
- Low seated cable rows (youtube example).

It's quite versatile, solid, sturdy, and heavier than I expected. You can also use it for bicep curls, pull downs, etc. I paid $30.77 at the time. Of course, you'll need a cable pulley machine of some sort.

Also, in my research, I purchased this over the rubber coated CAP version (CAP Barbell Deluxe Multi-Exerciser). I didn't like the idea of thick rubber for hand grips, and I usually wear gloves (except bench and dead lifts)... Yes, I wear gloves. I have a wife too. If that makes sense, and you want a nice pair of gloves, check out Harbinger 155 Power StretchBack Glove.

Overall, it's heavy duty and well made for the price! You can purchase the Champion Barbell Revolving Multi-Exercise Bar here.
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