Fit-Bullet Friday #2

FitCorner's Friday Fit-Bullets #2.
  • Recipe: Stir-Fry. I love me some Stir-Fry! This is a bulk Paleo-ish (depends on your stir-fry mix) Stir-Fry Recipe that my wife and I use.

  •  MIT, Harvard find 'master switch' behind obesity: Very interesting article on genetics and obesity.

    “Obesity has traditionally been seen as the result of an imbalance between the amount of food we eat and how much we exercise, but this view ignores the contribution of genetics to each individual’s metabolism,” said senior author Manolis Kellis, a professor of computer science and a member of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and of the Broad Institute, in a release.
  • CVD Risk Calculator: If you know your Systolic Blood Pressure (that's the top number), your total cholesterol, and your HDL cholesterol you can calculate your 10-year Risk of Having a Heart Attack. What is your risk? I'm less than 1% of people having a heart attack in the next 10 years. Both of my grandpa's died from heart failure early in their lives. I want to see my grand-babies one day.

  • Fatigue and gaining weight? Maybe you have a thyroid issue. I thought I did. I had a full thyroid panel completed. Make sure you get your TSH, Free T3, Free T4, and Antibodies tested. TSH no longer gives the most accurate picture of your overall thyroid health, but most Docs will still only test TSH. In any case, my thyroid is fine across the board. So I'm suspecting it's just fatigue/stress. Stop the Thyroid Madness is a good site to check out if you want to know more why TSH is not the only test to determine if you have a Thyroid issue.

  •   Music:

    • Elements by Lindsey Stirling - I like most everything she creates. I played the Viola for about 6 years, so I really dig modern Orchestral music. Check out her music sometime.
    • Spaceman by Hardwell - Techo/dance. Good pace and a lot of bass! This is part of my workout playlist.

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