Insanity - Day 8

One week is complete! Yesterday was my rest day and for some reason I felt crummy all day. I'm not sure if my sleep was off or what, but I did not feel well at all.

Today, I feel great! The Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance (Day 3 mini review) went very well. I'm also at my lowest weight to date. 179.4 lbs. Once I get rid of the goo I'll have to concentrate on gaining muscle. By the time I get to 10% body fat I'll probably weigh 165 lbs which seems really skinny to me being 6 foot tall. I have posted my stats in the About Fit Corner page at the top. It's a linked google excel sheet that I keep updated almost daily with my workouts and some notes.

The hop squats and push-ups were hard today. My heart rate was in the upper 180's. I ended up doing push-ups for the remaining 30 seconds or so rather than jumping up to do hops and dropping to do push-ups.

Average Heart Rate: 169
Max Heart Rate: 194
Min. Heart Rate: 70
Calories Burned: 890
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