Make the "jump"

Most people do not want to make the "jump". They do not want to dive in and take the risk of becoming fit. It's too hard they say. I'm too old they say. Bah humbug.

It's supposed to be hard. Nearly everyone today expects everything to be handed to them, a magic pill that will cure their obesity. Sorry folks, we are not there yet. You have to work hard to get results.

What are you waiting for? You need to approach working out the same as you approach going to work EVERY day. Treat your workout routine like a job. Do you skip work because you don't feel like going that day? No, you only miss work if you are sick or some other emergency.

Beachbody can provide you this opportunity. Take it. Decide, Commit, and Succeed. If you need help getting started, email me. Their products do work if you follow the guides and take that hour a day to do the job. They have so many successful stories. Here is one about Cammie Lusk. She is in my network as an Independent Beachbody Coach. It's both motivating and heart breaking at the same time (she has multiple sclerosis and couldn't walk).

So why are you slacking off? Join for free and take a look around.
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