Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit – Day 6

See my review about Plyometric Cardio Circuit here. Today is my rest day, but this posting is about my workout yesterday.

Yesterday went well. It’s still extremely difficult, especially on little sleep as I went to Notre Dame today and was up at 4:48 AM to workout. I pushed myself to keep my heart rate above 170 for the duration of the workout (except stretch and cool down).

Level 1 drills still kick my butt. I always feel like I’m going to upchuck (not pretty) when my heart rate reaches the 186 to 190 range. At that point I stop jumping up to my feet and instead do a steady continuous number of push-ups for the remainder of the set. I still want to keep my heart rate up, but not to the point of having to stop.

What I find extremely helpful, and what Shaun T. mentions in some workouts, is when you are panting and feel like you have to stop, take a deep breath and exhale sharply. This will get fresh oxygen in your system. Keep pushing through.

Your body is an amazing device and you can push yourself to limits you never knew. You will become stronger. I am simply surprised at what the body is capable of… I never knew I could push myself this hard and far until I started Insanity.

Avg. Heart Rate: 164
Max Heart Rate: 190
Min Heart Rate: 85
Cals Burned: 900
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