Stan's IDLife Testimonial

A very good friend of mine has improved his health and wellness, which has impressed all 3 of his doctors! I've known Stan since 1997 when I met him in a MMORPG called Ultima Online. We've been gaming since. This is his IDLife testominal.

Good afternoon.
Here is my testimonial to date with my background story.
I felt I was a very fortunate guy who loved to play tennis and direct NCAA/USTA events and as I cruised through my was FUN. Work was work but I was doing well and the tennis had never been better as my health was top notch. Then the 30 year old curse line approached and it hit me with my first Knee Injury (Meniscus tear) which was my first time surgery was to be faced....Oh boy. Fine...
Got through that and typical jock guy....came back too soon....BLAMMO within a short 2 yrs later.....other Knee...Meniscus Tear. Rinse n Repeat, Rehab.. This time I lasted longer but now at age 36. WHAMO, knee injury again Meniscus tear again. Rinse n Repeat Rehab again....only this time something was different. A feeling that I couldn't figure out. Something was wrong and normal tests didn't show it until one physician at the local Care facility sat with me and said we would figure it out....he had an idea.
The next day I get a "SCARY" call from my general doctor who received the results urgently. COME IN ASAP we must talk. can imagine what Im thinking...right? THYROID out of control and needs to be either medicated, removed or killed off. I tried the medications...but I am notoriously a TERRIBLE pill taker and had an episode one night that nearly cost me my life.
I was playing an online game called Ultima Online one night at 2am....another long story in itself but the key is the ER doctor that night said if I had gone to bed normally I would have died in sleep. Online gaming saved my life. hehehe Now, I needed to decide surgery or radiation to deal with the Thyroid....I chose non surgery method. I wish I had not since it seems people who have it removed tend not to gain a lot of weight vs those who do radiation...and I gained 60 pounds in 6 months....all the time trying to burn it off in rehab still etc.
This ended late 30s and began the 40s of my life....fighting to learn how to live in this new life without metabolism n energy I had for ALL my life. The cats meow life had ended. Ive tried a ton of diets, other programs, greens, meals, only protein, no starches, no gluten even a stretch of energy drink addiction I swear......all failed and saw no success. Nutritionist actually had me gaining more weight and feeling worse.
At my job after many years of no knee issues and only the diet being the battle.....BOOM slipped at work helping a customer to their car to load items in trunk.....Knee Meniscus...but this time in a new area which now meant this repair and clean up will be step is replacement. At 47 knee replacement....tooo Young. Fighting the company provider to get surgery ...they delayed for 8 months a surgery that should have been immediate....and before It was approved.....ZINGER Corporate downsized and now out of work. You did great but we are eliminating this role....1000s of us gone. And I cant work till this knee is fixed for any new employer. Dark just got darker. 

Jump ahead to this past year....and the wife of a friend of mine who is a local coach that I ironically met FIRST in the tennis community in Ithaca makes a post about IDLife on Facebook. I begin to check it out......she is smart and sharp as nails....tough as nails too....not the finger kind but like railroad nails tough. Well....Tracey shares with me more info and i visit her site and do the assessment, read it all print it and keep poking around site for HOURS!!!!
I go back soon after and log in and get set up for auto shipment of MY IDNutrition box. I check each day the front door.....grrrrr. Misread the email receipt that says my order is ready to pick up in TEXAS ( ehhehe didnt first see IF AND ONLY IFF I had set it up to pick up eheheh) Soooo after a few moments of HOLY CRAPOLA NOoooooo I re read the day it arrives.
I begin taking the pills as instructed and after 3 to 4 days I feel different....better. Realize....I have had MONTHS of time around that last knee surgery that had TERRIBLE rehab scaring that pushed the rehab a full year to get done and there was actually almost 5 months I could not even walk....(gained more weight unable to walk) SO as to say I could notice even the smallest detail or improvement.....I could easily now.
So Thursday, the day before IDLife's anniversary I upgraded and joined as an Associate on team FULL THROTTLE as one of Tracey's new team members. Spent that day honestly awake from 3am to 3am just mind a rolling on the materials and ideas about how many people I care about I can help and looking forward to helping even more.
In behind all of that it has been 3 weeks and I have finally started to FEEL like the person I know I was....the guy I remember in the mirror and know now I am going to be able finally to bring him back to form and health overall.
As I hit the 4th week on just IDNutrition, I had my scheduled run of blood work tests and checkup and for the first time...FIRST TIME IN 10+ yrs....everything was good. Doc asked me what has changed and I pulled out of my pocket the list of the IDNutrition I was taking for the last 4 weeks....he approved and now both of my physicians are happy to see me improving overall wellness and metrics.
In first month I continued to improve and feel great and as the second month moved through more and more I was returning to a healthier state and wellness for my knees. Now I am starting to add on other products (HYDRATE, SLEEP) and increasing my workout as I continue to improve and is not as dangerous to my knee. As I said...I had tried tons of programs and some twice but now...FINALLY the LIGHT is growing at the end of the tunnel. I am on my way to getting back toward the shape I should be....and will be.
Yup I just have started with IDLife indeed....yes....learning like a sponge and I apologize early for any redundant question I may fail at finding the answer on my own....before I post for help. The IDNutrition system has fixed my bad pill taking past habit and I am so jacked to get the word out and help my family, friends and contacts overcome any of their challenges they may be facing or even working on. I would love this to be my income provider as it would allow me a great platform with USTA/NCAA Tennis tournaments to promote the brand at activities I am the Director of.
Looking forward to any advice and/or assistance I can learn from and that I can give the IDLife team on Marketing/Merchandising since I have 30 years in Retail Management/Operations experience across the whole board of roles....building store, merchandising, training and compliance. Including my hobbies and passions...all are areas I see IDLife helping incredibly.
Tracey said "we are all one powerful team supporting each other" and Logan said "we are a big family" and many times refers to the FUN we all should be having and rightly so. We are in a great time and position.....IDLIfe 's Time is NOW. So.... LOCK N LOAD ladies and gents..... Leave the cord at the door... FULL...METAL....JACKET.!!! LETS ROCK N ROLL!!! (((parachutes out with Team to a new area to help others get IDLife)))
And a post from today:
An end of summer special thanks out to my friend Tracey for helping me and my doctors find a nutritional program that has scored solid success...this has allowed me to make plans to return to competitive tennis and league play in 2016.  
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