Fit-Bullet Friday #4

FitCorner's Friday Fit-Bullets #4.
  • Study: A recent study looks into teenager sleep-wake patterns and associated study times.

    "The study looked at internal body clocks of different age groups and found that our ability to work effectively during traditional working hours changes dramatically at different ages."

    “We’ve joined together different types of scientists to study this and found that just one week with less than six hours of sleep [a night] leads to over 700 changes in how genes work in your body but with a full night’s sleep there were no changes.
  • Fun Factoid:

    “About a trillion molecules of oxygen go through each cell every day, inflicting about 100,000 free radicals hits or wounds on your cells genes or DNA, estimate geneticist, Bruce Aimes, of the University of California at Berkley.’’

    So what does that quote mean? Accpording to Dr. Aimes (geneticist, Bruce Aimes, of the University of California at Berkley), by the time we are old, each cell will have "a few million oxygen lesions"!

    This cell damage can cause all kinds of human disease. That's why antioxidants are important to help neutralize oxidants (aka free radicals). I'll post more on this topic next week.

  • Quote:
    "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Mahatma Gandhi

  • Music I'm listening to:

    1. Whispers in The Dark by Skillet - Rock
    2. Nothing Left to Say  by Imagine Dragons - Rockish

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