The Switch to IDLife Nutrition - Review

My wife and I have switched to IDLife Nutrition for our vitamin supplementation. Previously, we purchased vitamins from the endless racks of Walmart or from online sources. I spent hours every month pouring over the latest research trying to decide what to buy!

IDLife has simplified this process considerably. They have a free assessment that utilizes over 7,000 published studies for over 4 million possible combinations. It protects me from accidentally choosing combinations that could have health consequences. I can also list medical conditions and medications as part of the assessment for recommendations and any possible medication-vitamin entanglements. 

IDLife has something unique in the industry that I have not seen before; personalized nutrition based on an individual's needs rather than a "one-size-fits-all" concept. I think it's going to be a huge success.

I want my kids, friends, family, everyone I care about to be healthy. However, it's not easy, we all have busy lives, limited time, and limited resources. So do something that simplifies your life.  After all, we all want to be healthier and more successful in our lives.

Speaking of success, for those looking for extra income, consider becoming an IDLife Associate. Or, you can just utilize the significant cost savings by being an associate!

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