Status update, slow carb, and P90X

I am nearing the end of P90 and my P90X low carb diet. I have one week left which will be used as a recovery week.
  • Monday - P90 Phase 1-2 Sculpt
  • Tuesday - P90 Phase 1-2 Cardio
  • Wednesday - P90X Stretch X
  • Thursday - P90 Phase 1-2 Cardio
  • Friday - P90 Phase 1-2 Cardio
The idea is to give my muscles time to heal before P90X. The reason for sculpt on Monday is to get a baseline for calories burned in P90 (I never tracked Phase 1-2). 

For P90X I'll be following Phase 1 of the nutrition plan while using a Slow Carb approach. I haven't tried this before, but I hope to maintain my weekly 1 to 1.5 lb / week loss.

Keep pushing play!
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