113 Push-ups!! During P90 Sculpt 3-4

I'm very pleased with my P90 Sculpt 3-4 workout today! During the 4 sets I was able to get 113 total push-ups! I've always struggled with push-ups. I'm in my 9th week of P90 with 3 more to go before jumping back into P90X and then Insanity.
  • Set 1: Decline Push-ups - 25.
  • Set 2: Wide Push-ups - 25.
  • Set 3: 7x7x7 (7 wide, 7 narrow, 7 standard), plus 13 wide.
  • Set 4: Any form you want (I split this between my weakest). 15 narrow and 14 standard.
 Total: 113!

Of course, this is at 25% body fat and 195.8 lbs! But I started at 6 decline, and only 10 wide. My 7x7x7's I had to drop to knees half way through. The rest were just as bad. 113 after 64 days isn't bad. I'm looking forward to see what I can do when I am 20 lbs lighter!

For Calories Burned: 1047! Avg. heart rate was 158. Peak heart rate was 196.

Keep pushing play everyone!
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