Win Cash! WOWY-Super Gym Winners.

Congrats to the weekly WOWY-Super Gym Winners for 9/19 - 9/25!

The WOWY (Work Out With You) Super Gym Sweepstakes is a completely free service provided by Beachbody. You can win daily prizes that include: $1000, $300, iPod, DVD Player, Digital Camera, Video Camera, Net-book. All by just creating a free account and logging your workouts daily! 

9/19 Ellen Polk won $300

9/20 Kathy Draper won $1,000

9/21 Shirley Mickens won $300

9/22 Joselyn Cousins won $300

9/23 Robert Wickum won a Canon digital camera

9/24 Randi Munns won $300

9/25 Kimberly Tobey won an iPod Touch

Click here to join as a Free Member. Read more about  WOWY.
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