P90x Low carb Diet

I'm starting a low carb diet in conjunction with P90x. If you have never completed P90x before, please see here about purchasing P90x. Otherwise, follow the nutrition guide the first round and see how you do after 90 days. I am going to try cutting during P90x to gain that six pack. My body loves to send carbs to my fat tissues, I think I am genetically predisposed to getting fat. I'll be posting recipes that are low-carb, so keep an eye out.

If you are looking for a low carb insanity mean plan, I have not tried it, nor recommend it. My Insanity Meal Plan worked fantastic for Insanity but not so much for P90x.

1. First calculate your calories required with P90x. You can do this from beachbody's website. Sign up here for a free account

2. Next determine how many carbs you require. I keep my carbs fairly low, around 30g a day (30x4 = 120 calories). I have tried higher amounts in the past but I never seem to get into ketosis when I'm above 30. I suggest starting around 85g a day and working your way down.

3. Figure out how much protein you need. Take your lean body mass (in kg) and multiple by 2.75.You can calculate your lean body mass by multiplying your weight by your fat percetage. See below for a 180 lb man at 20% body fat:

  • 180 x 0.20 = 36 lbs of fat (remember you will have 10% fat for a 6-pack, so this is not the total amount of fat you have to lose). 
  • 180-36 = 144 lean body mass which is 65.5 kg (divide lbs/2.2 for kg).
  • 65.5kg x 2.75 = 180g of protein per day. Remember, this will always stay the same as you are calculating from your lean body mass. To calculate calories multiple by 4 (4 cals per g of protein), which is 180 x 4 = 720 calories.
4. The rest comes from fat, which I find the hardest to get. When you low-carb your energy will come from FAT. You'll need to make sure you get enough fat or you'll crash. There are 9 cals per fat gram.The first few weeks will be rough for some and you will feel tired. This tiredness passes. I still highly recommend you complete 90 days first following the P90x nutrition plan. This low-carb is a last resort if you've found nothing else has worked before. If you reduce fat (because of lack of weight loss) increase protein for the lack of calories lost from reducing fat.

Don't worry if you are off slightly. Error on the side of protein/fat. But try to keep close to your own figures.

On another note, have one day a week be a carb day, aprox the same number of calories, but 70% should be from carbs and only 18% from protein. The rest is fat. Get in your sweet potatoes, whole grain rice, fruits, a cheat meal perhaps (you didn't hear me say that!), and other goodies you want. Try to keep it clean and it should be a workout day, Legs & Back would be a good day to do this on.  This will replenish your energy stores.

Also, take a good multi-vitamin like the P90x Peak Health Formula or a customized nutrition program from ID Life (built around your lifestyle, workout program, medical conditions and medications). This will help with nutrients as you are cutting out a lot of fruits. Get it shipped home direct for Beachbody or Scheduled for ID Life and it'll save you some cash. Also being a coach helps with the discount you'll receive (see more about Bechbody's Coaching Opportunity) or 30% off over at ID Life

Shakeology is another option if your carb content can be higher or ID Life's Shake.

Drink a gallon of water a day.

If you have any questions, give me a shout. And keep pushing play!
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