Pure Cardio - Insanity Day 9

Insanity Day 9 Pure Cardio has come and gone. I was expecting to do the same routine every day for the first month. It looks like they mix it up a bit. It was only 4 days ago that I did Pure Cardio for the first time (Read Day 5 Insanity Pure Cardio Review here).

The Suicide Jumps did me in this time. I had to switch to running in place as my heart rate was in the upper 180's.

My stats for today are very close to what I did the first time. However, it "felt" a little bit easier this time.

Avg. Heart Rate: 162
Max Heart Rate: 191
Min Heart Rate: 88
Calories Burned: 809

For tracking calories burned Beachbody has an excellent Bowflex Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap in their online shop. You can also search for Amazon.com Heart Rate Monitors for other varieties. Find one with a chest strap so you can track how many calories you burn and also to make sure you are in the "zone". See the Equipment section for more gadgets and exercise gear (also in the navigation section above).

Keep Pushing Play!
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