Plyo Cardio Circuit - Insanity Day 10

See my mini-review about Plyometric Cardio Circuit here.

The warm-up is getting easier. Well, I guess that's not entirely accurate. It's hard, as you always push yourself to the max no matter what your current fitness level is, but I can get in a few extra reps on some of the moves.

I had to jog out half of the level 1 drills. I'm looking forward to pushing through these drills without having to stop or jog.

On another note, I did have some excitement yesterday(other than Insanity). Last night, after work, I did my usual routine of getting ready for the next day. As I was getting ready for calling it a night I took off my belt, took a few steps, and about fell flat on my face. My pants had dropped to my ankles. So be aware, you may lose some weight using the Beachbody workout programs... that's all I'm saying.

Avg. Heart Rate: 160
Max Heart Rate: 193
Min Heart Rate: 84
Cals Burned: 869
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