Plyometric Cardio Circuit Review – Day 2

I will not be posting every day, but Plyo Cardio Circuit was very intense and warrants a blog entry.

The workout is approximately 42 minutes long. During the first 10 minutes you warm up. The warm up is a workout unto itself! You start out with three different levels of intensity with each more difficult than the last. The exercises are the same for each level during the warm-up, but you push yourself harder for each one. You’ll be sweating by the time you reach the stretching routine.

The stretching period is about 7 minutes. It’s much less intense, but it does require some leg strength. There are some similar moves to P90x and Yoga. Once you are done stretching you are ready for Interval Training.

Interval Training is intense! This is about 20 to 22 minutes long. There are Power Squats, Cliff-climbers, and Level 1 Suicide Drills (I’m not looking forward to whatever “Level 2” will be). You will have to push yourself to new limits here to keep up with Shaun T. and his fitness cohorts. I had to stop multiple times to catch my breath. You’ll see several people stop and take breaks as well. By the time you reach the end of interval training you’ll find it hard to just speak (unless you are in great shape). If you can speak, you probably should try to push harder next time. I kept a trash can nearby just in case I couldn’t keep things down. I came close about 4 times, but took deep breaths and pushed on.

After the fit test yesterday I was concerned I would not burn as many calories as I do in P90x. However, you do burn a lot. In those 42 minutes, I burned 946 calories. Considering you only “workout” for about 30 minutes in the program and you burn nearly 1000 calories, this met my expectations.
  • Avg. Heart Rate: 168
  • Peak Heart Rate: 194
  • Minimum Heart Rate: 80

A tip that Shaun T. mentions is to take a deep breath when you are really panting and feel like stopping. It’ll get fresh oxygen into your body and it does help. Then keep pushing!

Weight today is 183.6. It's up from yesterday due to the new diet and increased calories. I'll see how the diet goes this week and how my body adjusts before adjusting caloric intake.
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