Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance - Day 3

My calves are killing me from the Plyometric Cardio Circuit yesterday. I was worried about this workout, but it doesn't hurt your calves too terribly. The initial warm-up does, and the hurdle jumps are not pleasant.

Be prepared to jump in this workout. I thought Plyo from P90x was crazy intense, and it is a heart pounding workout, but Insanity pushes me a lot harder. The first group of exercises are power jumps, belt kicks, hit the floor, and v push-ups (which are also similar to the one's in P90x). This lasts about 6 minutes.

The second group had me taking a lot of breaks. I didn't do as many floor sprints as I would like (they are near the end of each 'set'). You'll be doing Hurdle Jumps, Globe Jumps (remember the fit test?), Moving Push-ups, and floor sprints.

The hardest part of this workout are the hop squats and push-ups. You push through 8 hops and fall to the floor immediately to do 8 push-ups. Then you are back up doing hops again, then on the floor. After you get through this you'll be on the floor crawling. Well, maybe not THAT bad, but close to it if you are out of shape.

Good luck!

Workout Length: Aprox. 39 minutes
Avg. Heart Rate: 163
Max HR: 194
Min HR: 70
Cals Burned: 872
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