Carl Daikeler meets President Obama!

Beachbody's CEO, Carl Daikeler, met with President Obama at an event! It's truly an inspiring story.  Here are some snippets:
At once the door swung open, and in walked Obama. He gave a quick hello and a hug to Mark and then he walked straight up to Jon who said "Hello Mr. President we're the co-founders of Beachbody - This is Carl Daikeler. You might know our products like P90X."

With that Obama moves in and grabs my hand in a handshake and says "P90X! My wife does that. Man, I can hardly keep up with her!"

.... [ Carl talks about his goals for turning obesity around ] ....

Then the President interrupts me and says "I totally agree. We definitely want to hear more about what you are doing - and I mean that." He turns to his entourage and says "Let's make sure of that ok guys? I want to make sure we follow up and connect with them to hear what these guys are doing."


Mark Alderman then stepped in and said "I heard what the President said, so let's lock this in guys" at which point we walked over to the President's two "body men" to give them our business cards, only to learn that one of them also had just completed a few weeks of P90X, and that- in their words - "the entire White House is using P90X."
Wow! How awesome is that!?

Read the entire story on Carl's blog here. If you are still debating about P90X what are you waiting for?? You can purchase P90X here.

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