The Pill and Nutrition

The Pill, (aka: Birth Control Pill, Oral Contraceptive), can deplete nutrients from your body amongst other harmful effects. This has been known since the 80's, "The use of contraceptive pills has been shown to decrease the physiologic levels of six nutrients--riboflavin, pyridoxine, folacin, vitamin B12, ascorbic acid and zinc".

Apparently, the label fails to mention that you should be on a healthy diet, even though in the literature it does mention nutrient depletion. 

"It was concluded that females consuming OCA [Oral contraceptives agents] should pay particular attention to vitamin and mineral intake and, if warranted, consume physiologic supplements of needed nutrients."

Were you informed about these depletions? How is your nutrition?

 I also found the following interesting from the Susan G. Komen® organization.
"Current or recent use of birth control pills (oral contraceptives) slightly increases the risk of breast cancer. Studies show that while women are taking birth control pills (and shortly after), they have a 20 to 30 percent higher risk of breast cancer than women who have never used the pill"

There is evidence that being on The Pill can cause birth defects and mis-carriages. Be sure to stop taking it if you are planning to become pregnant. Recommendations vary, but stop 6 months before trying (this is what my wife was told from her OBGYN, and what we implemented).

Nutrition wise, being on ID Nutrition can make a huge difference for you and your family. Consider it a shield, an extra arrow in your quiver, to help protect you from the unknown dangers lurking in everything from your car fumes, medications (The Pill), city water, processed and fried foods, to your own stress levels.

If you want a healthier life with high quality nutrition, take your free assessment here. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you order, or simply print out the recommendation and take it to your Dr. All ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, which means they go through rigorous testing and numerous control protocols, the same tests used for your medications at the pharmacy. No pesticides, preservatives, food coloring, none of the "bad stuff". All individualized for you based on your assessment, allergies, medications, ailments and conditions.

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