Lyn's ID Life Testimonial

I met Lyn through Stan (read his testimonial here) a couple of months ago. She is full of energy and passionate about ID Life.
"Over a 1 1/2 years ago in an appointment with my Dr. she shared "if you don't make some changes, I'll bet my mortgage on it that you're going to develop diabetes." I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease and have been taking medication for high BP and a statin for years. I've been off and on with exercise, recently more mindful about what I'm eating, started with IDNutrition in late July [2014] and have a meal replacement shake every morning. Fast forward to my Dr. appointment in February [2015]. She said "Whatever you've been doing to get the weight off, keep it up! Your blood pressure is fine - you do not need to be on BP medication right now. Continue exercise. Go off simvastatin and recheck in 6 months." I am so pumped up about this! I haven't had this level of energy in years. SO thankful for IDLife and IDNutrition!"
- Lyn L.
Way to go Lyn!
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