Kids Nutrition and Vitamins IDLife Review

Should you give your children vitamins? If they have a healthy balanced diet, they are likely getting all of their needed vitamins. Primarily milk, fresh fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, protein from chicken, fish, or eggs, and whole grains.

However... how many busy parents provide this every day? Do your kids eat a lot of processed foods or fast foods? Do they drink sodas (which has been shown to pull out minerals and vitamins from their bodies). Or are your kids finicky/picky eaters? Do they refuse to eat what you put in front of them? Are they athletic? Are they playing physically demanding sports?

It can be difficult to determine if they are getting their required essential nutrients. It's more difficult to find a high quality product that doesn't contain artificial ingredients (colors, preservatives, additive, sweeteners).

Natural | Non-GMO | Casein Free | Soy Free | Gluten Free

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Keep in mind, if you are feeding your kids a healthy balanced diet they may not have a nutritional deficiency.  Many foods, such as milk and cereal, are fortified with vitamins. Do not give your child more vitamins than necessary as megadoses can be toxic. If you want to supplement but do not want to give a full dose, try cutting vitamins in half. 

IDLife's Kids Vitamins have been designed to fill the nutritional gaps in their diets.

IDLife Kids Vitamins

Keep vitamins out of the way, do not let your kids treat them like candy. Also vitamins should typically be taken with meals as it increases your body's ability to absorb many nutrients

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