T25 Fast Track Week 1 and Meal Plan

My T25 Fast Track week wrapped up with me jotting down my calories burned for Alpha Cardio. I had already weighed myself that morning and the results were happily received. I've been doing P90 Phase 1-2 for the past couple of months and had stalled on my weight loss. So the 7.2 pounds I lost in only one week of T25 was awesome! Of course I was eating only 1100 calories a day (probably closer to 1300). This week I'll be eating upwards of 1600 calories a day.

The workouts are intense, very much like insanity with but less impactful on the joints. They also have a dedicated person in the workout videos that only does alternate moves. If you are out of shape the alternate moves will give you one hell of a workout. So don't worry if you can't follow Shaun T.

I burned on average 600 calories per workout (including the 2 to 3 minute cool downs). On a bad day I would burn 500 calories (which was today due to being dead tired).

I absolutely love this workout program! Only 25 minutes a day! P90, P90X, even Insanity, took more time than that! All great workouts, but now that I have my son I do not have nearly as much time to devout to pushing play every day.

T25 Meal Plan for the Fast Track week

All meals are in the T25 recipe booklets. Snacks were 100 to 200 calories and meals were 300 calories.

Breakfast: Almond Shakeology Smoothie or Strawberry Shakeology Smoothie.
Lunch: Foil Wrapped Chicken and Potato
Dinner: Chicken and Spinach Salad
Snacks: Trail Mix, Cracker with sliced ham/chicken and cheese, or grapes

T25 Calories Burned
Program Time
Average HR Peak HR Min. HR Calories Burned
9/2/2013 1 Alpha Cardio 27:56:00 159 186 77 573
9/3/2013 2 Alpha Speed 1.0 27:52:00 164 190 85 601
9/4/2013 3 Alpha: Total Body Circuit 28:44:00 174 197 102 682
9/5/2013 4 Alpha: Ab Intervals (forgot to start timer until 5 minutes into the workout) 23:59:00 162 193 122 508
9/6/2013 5 Alpha: Lower Focus 29:11:00 165 193 97 636
9/7/2013 6 Alpha Cardio 27:41:00 169 191 108 628

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