P90X2 is not P90X harder. It's P90X different.

Tony Horton has been discussing P90X2 and the following is a summary of what he said during a P90X2 Breakfast call.

Tony says that “P90X2 is not P90X harder. It’s P90X different.” P90X has been out for around 7 years now. They took a year before creating P90X to do research. They didn’t even think that P90X would sell! It was different than everything else out there. And they are at 3.5 million sold now. After feedback over the last 7 years from coaches and customers of P90X, the next level is not a cardio DVD, but interval workouts.

“Indoor training for the outside world.”

You’ll be able to run faster, jump higher, and improve your knee and hip joints. 

Like anything new, and especially extreme, it will initially be harder when starting. The only way to improve is by doing something close to impossible, in fact, Tony says that there is a push-up that is called The Impossible. “You do not get better by doing things that are easy.” But don’t let that scare you away, just like P90X, there is a modified version of every exercise. There is one person in every workout that is doing the modified version. It’s also designed for people that travel in that regard.

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