Achilles Tendon Injury

I injured my Achilles Tendon. I don't know which P90X workout did it, but Friday morning (3 weeks ago now) it was hard to walk on when I woke up. It didn't rupture, more like tiny micro tears. It was healing fairly well during the last few weeks  until I tried pushing off on my foot without thinking (it's difficult to keep your foot flexed constantly). I re-injured it about a week ago (which was incredibly painful) and had to get an immobile boot.

What have I learned?

Do not push yourself when you are in your thirties as if you were twenty. I do not have the connective muscle tissues of a twenty year old. Also, do not stop your work outs, modify them. I will not lie, it IS frustrating when you cannot stick to your regular workout schedule, but anything is better than nothing.

My modified schedule (from a fellow Beachbody coach):
  1. Chest shoulders triceps
  2. Back and biceps
  3. Ab ripper
  4. Chest and back
  5. Shoulders and arms
  6. Ab ripper
There may be some cross over on supporting muscles, but it should be minimum.

I am also building a deck and fence (with my immobile boot) so I have been skipping some workouts as I work on that project.

Keep pushing play everyone! And don't beat yourself up when you can't do a workout, skip a workout, or miss it due to other obligations, just get right back into it the next time.
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