Hurt Shoulder during pull-ups

On Monday I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder during wide pull-ups. I immediately stopped and tried continuing with the other Chest and Back workouts but still felt the pain. So... until my shoulder heals I am changing the P90X routine to the following:

Monday: P90 Cardio 3-4 (no yoga or arms), ARX

Tuesday: P90X Plyo
Wednesday: P90 Cardio 3-4 (no yoga or arms), ARX
Thursday: P90 Cardio 3-4 (no yoga or arms)
Friday: P90X Legs and Back (minus the back), ARX
Saturday: P90 Cardio 3-4 (no yoga or arms)

A LOT of cardio.It's better than just stopping completely. When I start doing shoulder exercises again, I'll do Shoulder Dislocates before working out. My shoulders are not very flexible (sitting hunched over a computer for half your life can do that). The best advice I've found is to do what doesn't hurt when you have an injury.
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