Work - What is it good for? iPads and Weight Loss.

My company, Briljent, is starting a FREEZE campaign. This campaign's goal is weight loss in 12 weeks. You only need to lose 5 pounds and they'll cut you a check for $50 (and a chance to win an iPad!). They provide a tracking sheet for weekly weight monitoring. It's good to see a company doing something to help reverse the trend of obesity.

On the personal side of things, I have been sick for the past two weeks and my work regimen has been hampered due to this. I'll be restarting P90x next Monday. Assuming nothing interferes or impedes with my goals I should be able to complete P90x by the time this FREEZE campaign ends!

My wife continues to do Turbo Jam and is really getting into it and has been dedicated to her workouts. Good job baby!
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