Stick with real fruit for your kids

Stick with real fruit and not the "made with real fruit" substitutes, at least according to an article at LA Times. The plastic wrapped bars, rolls, etc. are not as good and definitely not as health as the real thing.
.... parents shouldn't kid themselves. "They're not as good as eating regular fruit," no matter the promises on the package, says Mark Kantor, professor of nutrition and food science at the University of Maryland in College Park. Fruit snacks, whether or not they claim to provide a serving of fruit, don't offer all the nutritional benefits of whole fruit and often contain added sugars and sometimes fats, he says.


The bottom line: To give kids a serving of fruit, hand them an apple, cut up some watermelon or put blueberries on their cereal. But, says Nestle, when it comes to packaged fruit snacks, "consider these products fruit-flavored candy — and sticky at that."
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