Younger Next Year - A Book Review

I first heard about this book from Tony Horton's Blog (creator of Power 90 Extreme - P90x). He said it was the "catalyst for my present thinking". This is a fantastic book on how our bodies work and how to be/feel younger. It’s primarily targeted for those approaching retirement in their 50’s and 60’s. But, at the time of this review, I am 30. I’ve been recommending this book to family, friends, associates, and co-workers. It’s well written and the authors have a good sense of humor. The book was written by a medical doctor and his 70-year old patient.

I particularly enjoyed the science of how our bodies work. Several of my blog entries on Fit Corner are based on the knowledge I gained from Younger Next Year. The main concept of the book is about growth and decay. Cytokine-6 (C-6) and Ctyokine-10 (C-10). C-6 is the chemical that is constantly being produced in your body, a tidal wave (as they put it) that is forever crashing against you. Death approaches. C-10 is the master chemical for growth and repair.

They recommend 45 minutes a day of HARD exercise. Something that makes you sweat, six days a week. Not five days, four days, or less. Do both aerobic and strength training. In order to push back that tidal wave and produce the wonderful C-10 you must workout. You have to sweat. When you workout hard a flood of C-6 is produced. This is the catalyst that lets your body know to produce C-10. It’ll repair what you break down. It will make you stronger and healthier, younger next year.

The book also goes into several other aspects about your body and how it works. Saturated and unsaturated fats is fascinating (at least I found it to be). And, an important point in the book, is what you put in your mouth, what you eat for nutrition. Read up on what they think about French Fries!

The last few chapters of the book are about finding commitments in life and how to approach retirement. It’s a good read and has useful information but younger audiences may find themselves skimming through this section.

The original version of Younger Next Year is geared towards men. However, they have released an updated version for women as well. I’ve purchased one for my Dad and Mom. It’s a good book to have in your fitness arsenal and a good one to give to the people you care about. It’s an easy read and the science is presented in a clear and humorous manner.

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