Insanity Day 11, 12, 13, and 14

Day 10 was Cardio Recovery and Day 11 Power and Resistance. Saturday (Day 13) was supposed to be Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. Due to other prior engagements that morning I was only able to complete Pure Cardio and not at full intensity due to a headache. Day 14 was “Rest” but I ended up tilling my yard for a few hours.

I woke up that Saturday with a splitting headache, the kind that you feel throbbing in the front lobe on both sides of your skull. I had my fiancĂ© do a quick search on headaches during my warm-up (which caused it to really throb). Headaches can be caused by dehydration and it’s recommended to not workout. You should wait until it goes away… oops on my part. I ended up drinking 20 oz of water mixed in with my P90x Recovery and a couple of Ibuprofen right before the warm-up. That took care of the headache in a short time and allowed me to continue with the workout (not as intense as you can by the numbers below) after the initial stretch and a few minutes of Pause.
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