Beachbody Insanity Preparation

Spend half a day looking over the nutrition guide. You’ll need to take the time to plan accordingly for your diet. The Insanity Elite Nutrition is simple.

First you calculate your daily need for calories using the Harris Benedict Equation, your daily activity level, and if you want to lose, maintain, or gain weight.

Second, choose your meals for the week.

Before I started this diet I was on the Anabolic Diet, which is low carbs Monday through Friday. On the weekends the majority of your calories come from carbs. I used the Anabolic diet during my for Part of Phase I and all of Phase II of P90x. I lost 10 pounds from that diet but my weight loss has stalled.

Insanity is going to require you to have a very healthy diet with specific ratios. Everyone’s body is different and requires specific needs. But if you do not know what your body requires exactly follow the nutrition guide. It’s easy to follow. Choose your 5 meals for the day from each of the five categories and decide on how large that meal should be. If you need to add calories they have additional options for each meal. There is also a section in the back for small 100 calorie or 200 calorie blocks.

A tip that I found helpful was to photocopy pages out of the nutrition guide. Cut them to 4 x 6 (same size as a standard photo) and place them in a cheap photo book. Now you can reference your meals whenever you need without having to carry the book. Also, don’t forget the sections on substitutions. For example, I do not like cottage cheese, so I substitute it with rice milk. The measurements are listed in the Extras section in the book.
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