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In short, FitCorner is about getting in shape and staying in shape. There is a mixture of reviews, tips, and products that the author recommends. It's open for discussions, so feel free to join in and comment.

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Chad Schwieterman (aka Balandar) was born in Indiana, January 1980. Chad is currently employed as an IT Professional for in Fort Wayne, IN. His primary focus is on website development and system administration.

I have never had a 6 pack. It's the one aspect of my life that I have never achieved. Everything else thrown at me in life I have had success with on some level or another. But fitness, no such luck. I grew up watching T.V., playing board games, video games, computer games, everything that was inactive. I was more active outside when I was a kid, but the majority of the time was inside behind a screen of some sort or reading books.

It wasn't until I turned 26 that I started to get interested in fitness. A friend recommend P90 to me and I continued with the program for years on and off. But it was only a past-time hobby. I never achieved the results I as looking for. I didn't consider it a life style until I turned 29.Maybe it was that 30 year mark coming up that was the catalyst or I was just tired of being tired every day. A lack of energy is a good motivator.

Another factor is my knee has the beginnings of arthritis, the knee cap would slip side to side which ate away the cartilage. The knee doctor said to work on building up quad strength, and that I should continue working out as it will only get worse if I stop. And I have noticed that. I was hurting quite a bit before working out, but it only hurts now during a few exercises in Yoga X from P90x (Power 90x, another Beachbody product).

To hold myself accountable, and by helping others whom hold me accountable as well, I decided to become a Independent Beachbody Coach. I've discovered how much I enjoy helping others, even if it's only mentioning a few words here or there about fitness or some product or book I've read. There is also a discount for Beachbody products when you become an Independent Beachbody Coach.

I'll be posting miscellaneous information that I find interesting or would like to share with you regarding fitness and well-being. In addition, I'll be promoting Beachbody workout routines as I've been using them almost exclusively for years.
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