Gluten-Free Diets: Are They Healthier for You?

P90x Newsletter Issue #053. By Whitney Provost.

"What do some celebrities, a former president, and the Old Spice® guy have in common? They've switched to gluten-free diets. These days, you can't swing a grocery bag without hitting gluten-free pasta, cookies, and even beer. So what's the deal?"


"Some people eliminate gluten in hopes of alleviating digestive issues like abdominal pain and bloating. Others claim going gluten-free helps them overcome fatigue. Still more people think it'll help them lose weight faster. If you're wondering whether you should go gluten-free, let's explore the subject a bit further."

The bottom line

"If you've been diagnosed with celiac disease, it's very important to eliminate gluten from your diet. And if you think you're sensitive to gluten, you may want to cut back on grain-rich foods and see if you feel better. For the rest of us, however, gluten is a perfectly fine and healthy addition to a balanced diet. There's no reason to avoid it in moderation. So go ahead and eat your Wheaties® before your next P90X® or INSANITY® workout. Or better yet, drink Shakeology®. It's certified gluten-free!"

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